Euricom and Mitsui strategic alliance

Euricom and Mitsui have entered into binding agreements under which Mitsui will acquire a stake in Rol-Ryz. The Rol-Ryz company controlled by Euricom is the market leader in the rice sector in Eastern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries and is also present on the pulses market.
Euricom entered the pulses sector with the acquisition of Rol-Ryz in 2019. Since then it has strengthened its presence with a newly built plant entirely dedicated to the product. Legumes and rice are produced with a strong similarity and are often marketed on the same channels. Both products are expected to record solid and sustained growth in consumption over the long term, thanks to the strong focus of European consumers on healthy diets that increasingly deviate from animal protein sources and move towards foods with high levels of protein. plants and with a positive environmental impact thanks to the reduced carbon emissions for their cultivation. The wide range of legumes ideally fits into this trend, while basic legumes, such as peas, beans and lentils are increasingly attractive to both consumers and food businesses, thanks to their unique status of cost-effectiveness and complete nutritional intake, together with to their high health value.
Therefore, legumes are expected to acquire a significant part both of the future consumption of non-meat products, and as ingredients increasingly favored by major European food companies.
Mitsui brings an interesting background to the partnership. The multinational has a strong global experience in food and ingredients, particularly in its domestic market, Japan, a country that is considered one of the most sophisticated markets in terms of product and process innovation.
Mitsui also has several strategic investments among food sector companies around the world, consequently, the Japanese multinational opens the doors to the growth in value of the Euricom Group as well as Rol-Ryz, strengthening, among other things, the supply of raw materials and also accelerating the development of new products and new activities and / or commercial opportunities, introducing best practices relating to the sector.

Press release 27.4.22
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