Euricom Brasil was founded in 2008 by Euricom S.p.A. to enter the Brazilian market and ensure a stable presence in South America and the Caribbean area together with Euricom Habana.

Euricom Brasil provides the Group with different types of rice and derivatives (broken rice, husked rice, white rice, parboiled, Paddy) from the Mercosul area and sends it to Europe, the Middle East and the Caribbean.

It distributes products to a consolidated portfolio of local customers and expands the sales network for direct sales of the group's products. The company is active in the import-export of European and Italian products.

Euricom Brasil also participates in food assistance programs and donations organized by public institutions.

Among its purposes, Euricom Brasil has the consolidation of its knowledge of Brazilian raw materials, the strengthening of commercial relationships with existing facilities, the selection of suppliers based on strict quality and safety standards, the control of the proper execution of contracts in order to make co-packers reliable.

Furthermore, Euricom Brasil distributes the Curtiriso brand on the national market and offers other specialties produced in European plants, including durum wheat pasta, extra virgin olive oil and tomato pulp.

In 2011, the effectiveness of Euricom Brasil in pursuing its mission led the company to receive the ADVB award as a major exporting company in Brazil.

Rua Senador Mendonça 120 sala 403, Centro
96015-200 Pelotas-RS