EURICOM Hellas was founded in February 1998 in Chalastra - in the Thessaloniki region - and deals with the processing, standardization and packaging of rice.

The company started its commercial activity in March 1999 realizing appreciable exports already from its first period of activity and working successfully in the field of national and community food aid.

EURICOM Hellas specialises in the production of high-quality rice of all varieties. The facility is completely automated and has the most modern tools for product treatment and quality control.

Its plants are among the largest in Europe and have an annual production capacity greater than the total Greek national production. It follows that 90% of its production is destined for export. It collaborates internationally with leading food manufacturers, importers and distributors.

In addition to a considerable production capacity of rice with a high quality-price ratio, EURICOM Hellas can quickly satisfy its customers, guaranteeing immediate deliveries and a high level of service.