In 1889, Molini Certosa S.p.A. originated from the union of four mills.

The headquarters was established in Certosa di Pavia – where once a previous medieval mill stood - and a new facility was built. Since then the external architecture of the building has substantially unchanged and today it is included among the buildings of historical-industrial interest.

In the second half of the 1980s, Molini Certosa became part of the Euricom Group.

Over the years, the technology has been constantly updated and the company is at the forefront of the entire national milling sector. Tradition and innovation come together in a perfect union.

In 2007 Molini Certosa divided its production into two large factories: the historic one of Certosa di Pavia and a new plant of Corte de' Frati in Cremona, dedicated to the exclusive production of durum wheat semolina.

All the systems are characterized by a totally "closed" and completely automated processing cycle, thus avoiding any direct contact between the staff and the processing intermediates. In the Corte de’ Frati plant there is a totally advanced artificial aeration system: the absence of windows and passive openings avoids any kind of possible contamination coming from the outside towards the raw materials and the finished product.

The controls of the grinding diagrams, the evolution of the grinding techniques, the continuous research on special flours, allowed the realization of products of the highest certified quality and realized according to technical specifications given by the single customer.

Molini Certosa products are used by many of the major national and European food producers. Molini Certosa has always followed the needs of its customers and the market step by step, providing them with an ideal range of products and solutions. The company operates directly in areas ranging from consumer goods to the large food industry, from wholesalers to catering companies up to the single artisan baker.

The entire production is carefully controlled and constantly tested in company laboratories, to guarantee the highest standards of quality and food safety. The laboratories are strategic elements in the production activity: they are equipped for the complete analysis of the grain, the grinding intermediates, the flours and the related by-products. The laboratory of the Certosa di Pavia headquarters is also entrusted with the research and development of new qualities of flour and semolina.

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